Zakynthos City



§  Solomos Square is surrounded by buildings with characteristic traditional architectural features of the island, arch-shaped windows and arcades. The bust of D. Solomos, the national poet of Greece, dominates the centre. Here you can also find the Public Library (with 55.000 volumes).


§  Post- Byzantine Museum of Zante in Solomos square, exhibits treasures such as statues trimmed with gold, icons and wooden carvings.


§  The coastal road known as Strata Marina (K. Lomvardou street), which is one of the most frequented parts of the city, with cafes, bars and restaurants, from Solomos Square up to the church of the patron-saint Aghios Dionysios.


§  Aghios Markos square. Here, in 1797, the revolutionaries (popolaroi) burnt the Libro d’ Oro and planted the tree of freedom. This paved square is the main meeting point for locals and visitors. Here, you will find the Museum of Solomos, Kalvos and Eminent Zakynthians which also hosts the bust of the Greek national poet, created by Georgios Broutos in 1902.


§  Rouga: Its name is Alexandros Romas street, starting at Aghios Markos Square crossing almost the whole town. This street with the impressive arcades has been the main commercial centre of the city for centuries.


§ The Venetian Castle is situated on a hill overlooking the town in the place of the old acropolis named Psofis.  Stranis hill, 2 km away from the town, offers a great view. Here, the poet Dionysios Solomos was inspired to write the ‘Hymn to Liberty’ (later the Greek national anthem) and the “Free Besieged” whilst observing the siege of the city of Messolonghi.


Visit also the remarkable churches of Zakynthos


§Aghios Nikolaos on the Mole (Solomos Square): a church of Renaissance order (17th century) with a belfry dating back to the Byzantine period.  Aghios Dionysios lived here in 1853.


§Aghios Dionysios (at the new pier of the port) where the relic of the patron-saint of the island is kept in a silver larnax.


§Aghios Markos (1516): The belfry of this Catholic church situated in Aghios Markos Square is a copy of the one at Saint Mark’s Basilica in Venice.


§Aghios Georgios: The army commanders, Kolokotronis, Nikitaras, Fotomaras,as well as other fighters of the 1821, took their vows on the icon which is kept in this church.