Lagana is one of the most popular and largest holiday resorts in Zakynthos. Found on the south-west coast of the island the resort is renowned for its 9 km sandy beach where visitors can enjoy soaking up the sun and swimming in the clear, warm waters of the Ionian Sea.

Lagana is well suited to both families and couples looking for a relaxing holiday and also young people who want a combination of a relaxed atmosphere and lively nightlife. The resort has a large variety of tavernas, snack bars and international restaurants which cater to all tastes. Many of which are located on the beach and the quieter parts of the resort away from the noise of the main strip. However, for those looking for a lively nightlife there are an abundance of bars and nightclubs which keep this resort alive until the early hours.

Lining the main street are many shops offering everything a visitor may require, including supermarkets and gift shops selling souvenirs and traditional Greek products. The resort offers a range of different activities day and night to keep people of all ages entertained. There are many different types of accommodation in the resort, ranging from hotels to studios and a lot of these can be found in the outer areas of the resort in amongst the natural landscape. Lagana is 9 kilometres from Zakynthos Town, the capital of the island. Local buses and taxis are available on a regular basis to and from Zakynthos Town.


Argassi is a popular resort with an excellent variety of international restaurants, tavernas and bars.  It is centrally located, being the closest resort to the capital, with a traditional charm and relaxed atmosphere. Argassi was one of the first resorts on the island to attract tourist attention.  It is a beautiful seaside village built in a verdant plain at the foot of Mount Skopos.

Argassi beach is a narrow sandy beach offering a good selection of watersports plus sunbeds and umbrellas can be hired. Due to the resort's superb location, a short drive will take you to some of the best beaches on the island in nearby Vassilikos.

Dotted along the main streets are mini markets, gift shops and jewellery shops all offering the perfect take home souvenirs and holiday essentials. 

This resort has something for everyone making it perfect for all age groups, particularly families.

Zakynthos Town can be found 4km from the resort, just a 5 minute drive. There are also regularly available local buses and taxis to and from Zakynthos Town.


Vassilikos is an area of the peninsula on the south-eastern side of Zakynthos.   It is renowned for its natural beauty and tranquillity and is home to some of the best views on the island.  This area remains rather unpopulated with a scattering of traditional villages surrounded by lush, green vegetation.

Vassilikos features many picturesque and sandy beaches, known to be the best in Zakynthos. Here the crystal clear waters will tempt you to take a swim or spend the day relaxing on one of the many sunbeds for hire. For the more adventurous, these popular beaches are home to some of the best water sports on the island.

Nightlife in Vassilikos is limited mainly to eating out, with various traditional restaurants and tavernas to be tried. Visitors choose to stay there mainly because of the natural beauty, the variety of sandy beaches and the serenity it offers. The area has developed considerably over the last few years, but still maintains its rustic charm.

Vassilikos is perfect for those seeking a relaxed and tranquil holiday tucked away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Zakynthos Town, the capital of the island, is about 16 kilometres from Vassilikos. Local taxis are available to and from Zakynthos Town.


Tsilivi has rapidly developed over recent years and is now an extremely sought after resort. It lies just to the north of the island's capital town of Zakynthos. Backed by fertile farmlands, it is an undemanding and relaxed location, which has retained a lot of its traditional character.

The superb beach is a long crescent of soft sand, lapped by warm waters and offers a wide range of water-sports.  The gently shelving beach also provides an ideal and safe place for families to enjoy swimming in the crystal clear waters.

Eating out is a pleasure in Tsilivi with a wide variety of restaurants and traditional tavernas to choose from.  The nightlife here can be quite lively with a growing numbers of bars and clubs.

There is also a diverse range of shops, including souvenir shops and supermarkets in the centre of Tsilivi.

The friendly and fun atmosphere combined with the natural beauty of Greece and the guaranteed sunny weather makes this resort an ideal setting for people of all ages – a perfect holiday!

Zakynthos town is only 6 km from Tsilivi, just a 10 minute drive.  There are also regularly available local buses and taxis to and from Zakynthos Town.  


Alykes and Alykanas are perfect for the get-away tourists.  They are two separate resorts at either end of a beautiful, sandy beach on the northeast coast of the island.  They are more traditional, newly developing areas which still maintain a Greek atmosphere. 

The beach here is also gently shelving which makes it great for families and there are also water sports available.

Alykanas is the smaller of the two with just a few shops, bars, restaurants and tavernas.  While Alykes is quite spread out and has a growing variety of restaurants, tavernas and bars. It also has a small fishing harbour where visitors can sit and enjoy watching the world go by.

For those looking for a quiet and relaxing holiday these are both suitable resorts.

Zakynthos Town, the capital of the island, is about 15 kilometres from Alykes and Alykanas. Local buses and taxis are available on a regular basis to and from Zakynthos Town.

Zakynthos Town

Zakynthos Town, whilst being the perfect place to visit for sightseeing, has also over recent years become popular as a place to stay with various hotels and apartments offering a central location for visitors to the island.

There is a municipal beach on the outskirts of the town for those wishing to enjoy the cool refreshing waters and soak up the sun.

There are plenty of things to do and see in the town both during the day and in the evenings.  You can enjoy the more cultural side of life with the many museums; watch or stroll along the busy harbour with boats coming and going, including fishing boats, daily cruise boats, ferries and also the many yachts which visit the island; soak up the atmosphere of the many bars and tavernas situated along the port road and in the squares where you will no doubt get the chance to hear live traditional Zakynthian music and songs; and many more things besides.

There is a regular bus service to the resorts in other parts of the island.


Kalamaki is quieter than its neighbour Lagana while still being a well-developed resort. Situated on the flat plains in the south of the island the resort has been built along the beach, close to Zakynthos airport (some aircraft noise may be experienced). The beaches of Kalamaki and Lagana actually join up and those feeling fit and healthy can enjoy a walk from one resort to the other.

The fine sandy and gently shelving beach of Kalamaki is great for families offering a safe environment for swimming in the calm shallow waters. On parts of the beach you can rent sun beds, umbrellas and water-pedalos. This magnificent beach is one of the most famous on the island, as it is the nesting place for the Caretta-Caretta turtle. The beach is closed from dusk to dawn in order to protect this gentle species.  Whilst swimming in the bay or enjoying pedalo rides you may be fortunate enough to come across a turtle swimming alongside you.

The nightlife in Kalamaki although more sedate, still offers a wide selection of restaurants, tavernas and bars providing entertainment to suit differing ages.

There are also plenty of shops in the resort for guests to browse at their leisure.

The resort of Kalamaki is more suited to families and couples looking for a relaxing atmosphere.

Zakynthos Town, the capital of the island, is only 5 kilometres from Kalamaki. Local buses and taxis are available on a regular basis to and from Zakynthos Town.

Agios Sostis

Agios Sostis is a quiet and picturesque resort which is just along the coast from the resort of Lagana.  It has a small sandy beach which gently slopes into the sea making it ideal for families and especially children.

The nightlife in this resort is quiet, but it has a good range of small traditional tavernas and restaurants serving a selection of local dishes. For more relaxation there are also numerous bars offering various entertainment.  For the younger more adventurous visitors the resort of Lagana with its lively nightlife is only a short walk away.  Even though it is a small resort it offers everything a visitor would need to enjoy their holiday. Zakynthos Town is about 10 kilometres from Agios Sostis.  There is a local bus service and taxis available.


Keri is on the peninsula on the south-western side of the island and is a village of two parts.  Keri Lake is a pretty little harbor that offers stunning views out to sea with the back drop of the hills and mountains.  It has a small beach with cool, inviting waters. There are plenty of options for accommodation here from apartments to villas to meet everyone’s tastes.  There are bars, restaurants and traditional tavernas for your entertainment and also small shops. Keri Village is located up in the hills and is a quiet and charming village, with its stone houses and narrow lanes offering a unique and wondrous insight into traditional Greece. The view from this lush green village is an impressive sight and the sunsets from here are captivating. Keri is a perfect resort for those who want to escape and enjoy the quieter side of life. Zakynthos Town is 21 km from the resort.  There is a regular bus service available and taxis to and from the town.


Kypseli is a new resort which has been developed over the last few years and is becoming very popular. It is located in the northeastern area of the island and is close to the resort of Tsilivi.

It is a quiet resort suited to nature lovers and people wanting to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

There are small bars and tavernas serving traditional food in the small village where you will be able to experience the true meaning of Greek hospitality.

There are numerous beaches in the area for you to explore from small hidden coves to larger sandy beaches all with shallow crystal clear waters.

Kypseli is great for both couples looking for a tranquil holiday to families looking for a quieter holiday with lots of beach life.

Zakynthos Town is about 12 km from Kypseli, about a 20 minute drive.  There is also a regular bus service and taxis to and from Zakynthos Town.


Tragaki is one of the less well-known resorts on the island located on the north east coast and close to the larger resort of Tsilivi.  It is a picturesque mountain village which lies in a green valley surrounded by a landscape of olive groves and vineyards.

It charms visitors with a unique mixture of natural beauty and developed amenities. It has hotels, villas and apartments which offer spectacular views over the Ionian Sea. There are several beaches in easy reach of all accommodation which have clear blue waters and sandy beaches, perfect for beach lovers.

There are also plenty of options for eating out, especially at traditional tavernas, and other entertainment to ensure an enjoyable holiday atmosphere.

Zakynthos Town is about 9 km from Tragaki, about a 20 minute drive.  There is also a regular bus service and taxis to and from Zakynthos Town.